5 Tile Tips from Guest Designer Lori Sain Smith

5 Tile Tips from Guest Designer Lori Sain Smith

City Tile works with many interior designers to ensure they receive the tile and flooring they need for their customers. One of the local designers that use our flooring is Lori Sain Smith, owner of Daffodilly Design. We asked her to share five of her top styling tips when using tile.

Lori, thanks for sharing your expertise with us! What can you tell us to help our clients make a decision about using tile in their homes?

So many possibilities are available for tile options now. Manufacturers have become increasingly competitive in offering the classics, as well as unique designs and finishes.

First, more and more, you have to think about how a family is going to use their home. Family-friendly and pet-friendly options come in affordable, ceramic tiles.

Second, downsizing or living smaller doesn’t mean boring. Small spaces can have a big impact when using large tiles. We did just that for a client by using two shades of large tile in the example below.

Where are some other places in a home where tile can make an impact?

A backsplash is one of the most important details of a kitchen because it functions as protection for kitchen walls, as well as being a unifying material and focal point. The example below is a handmade glass tile that we installed horizontally to reflect light and to increase the lighter color aesthetic as a way to break up the dark cabinets.

Tile is perfect for high moisture areas. How can you use it for function and form?

Natural materials, like the Calacatta marble we used in the photo below, offers timeless appeal in both modern and traditional settings. In a bathroom that we recently designed, we installed eight-inch hex tile on the floor and one accent wall. This design technique offers flow, beauty, and consistency.

Subway tile never goes out of style! Using a contemporary version of subway is another way to update a bathroom. In the photo below, beveled white ceramic subway tile surrounds the shower, and then we used glass mosaic in the niche to provide an artistic focal point. A niche provides a clever way to keep toiletries at hand.

What are some other important design concepts to employ when using tiles in your home?

It is important to create contrast in spaces for good design. Using textured, glazed and colored tiles can offer style impact in any heavily used space, while providing durability for busy lifestyles.

Thanks, Lori, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to give our customers a few design pointers. We appreciate it.

Thank you! I’m honored and happy to give your customers some design tips. All of the photos above are from recent Daffodilly Designs installations, and the tiles are all from City Tile.

About Lori Sain Smith

Lori launched Daffodilly Design in 2013. The company’s concept is to produce interior design for residential and commercial applications, garden design, and event styling. Daffodilly Design’s goal in working with clients is to create joyful spaces with a unique approach to their personal style.