5 kitchens designed to inspire you

5 Kitchens Designed to Inspire You

It’s the home equivalent to Old Faithful. It’s the place where families gather and memories are made. It’s the area of the home that usually attracts the most traffic and hosts the best dinner parties.

You can tell a lot about a person’s home and the energy that lives inside of it by simply spending some time in their kitchen. With so much emphasis placed on this one room, it makes perfect sense to put it at the top of your remodel list.

But it doesn’t always feel that simple. Kitchen remodeling can feel like a daunting task. Do you stick to current trends? Or do you take the more traditional route? And how do you match the look of your kitchen with the rest of your home?
We put together five kitchen examples to get you inspired — so you can go from dreaming to doing.

Spotted: Polka Dot Backsplash

Polka dot tile gives off all the vintage vibes, especially in a kitchen. It’s a classy and unique look that you can pair with any theme — whether you go full-on retro with throwback kitchen appliances or keep it modern and chic as pictured below. Even the famous farmhouse kitchen would welcome polka dots with open arms!

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Polka Dot BacksplashSource: Pinterest

Singin’ the Blues

There’s just something so light and airy about this classic mediterranean look. It actually makes you want to get in there and cook yourself a fresh and healthy meal! We love how this blue mosaic tile gives a pop of unique flair without crowding the overall aesthetic in the process.

Using white, gold, and similar shades of blue to compliment the tile gives this kitchen a complete and consistent look you’ll never want to take your eyes off of.

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blue mosaic tile
Source: Homedit

All the Love for Laminate

If the kitchen is the most popular room in your home, then laminate will always be your best bet. It’s durable and holds up against heavy foot and pet traffic. And, it’s just as beautiful and eye-catching as a traditional hardwood floor.

In this example, we’re falling in love with the sandwiched look — sleek, gray cabinetry nestled in between oaky countertops and floors.

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Kitchen laminate flooring
Source: Ideal Home

Bold and Beautiful

We’re all familiar with the classic subway tile. And the truth is, you can never go wrong with that option. More often than not, people will stick to neutral colors when it comes to a subway tile backsplash.

However, this glossy black look adds a level of elegance that just can’t be achieved with those neutral tones. Using glass open shelving with hints of gold keeps this kitchen light and inviting while still maintaining its bold presence.

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Glossy black subway tile backsplash
Source: Pinterest

Durable and Sleek? Two birds, one (lime)stone.

Bringing a natural stone inside of your home is the simplest way to achieve a neutral, earthy look. When paired with light furnishings and simple lighting, limestone will always thrive.

We love how limestone brings a clean and crisp look to a kitchen and uses simplicity to act as a focal point.

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Limestone flooring
Source: Instagram