5 Exciting New Kitchen Tile Trends

5 Exciting New Kitchen Tile Trends

Things are changing. Many of the interior design trends that have been a must for kitchens in the last five years are fading away. Gone are monochromatic white kitchens. Gone are shiny tiles. Gone are farmhouse sinks. Gone are granite countertops. Gone is clutter. Kitchens are now about mood and color. And there is an explosion of new and vibrant tile ideas to make your kitchen a dramatic focal point in your home.

Matte, Minimal, and Monochromatic
Minimalism is the hot buzz word when it comes to interior design right now. It is all about getting rid of clutter and paring down possessions. Along with the simple look and clean lines, designers are using matte finishes. Matte tiled backsplashes that run countertop to ceiling are the newest look, often paired with knob-less matte finished cabinets in gray or black with sleek appliances. Concrete look tiles and poured concrete countertops are continuing to stay strong.

Keep It Natural
Bringing the natural world inside continues to be a major trend that is only getting stronger. Steal the look for the inside by using stacked stone tiles as a backsplash. They have been popular in outdoor kitchens for many years. Other “outdoor” materials finding their way into kitchens include brick-look tiles, wood-look tiles, and lots and lots of marble. It is being used on countertops and as backsplashes.

Make a Statement
Be exotic. Bring a bohemian, world traveler vibe into your kitchen with the use of Spanish and Moroccan inspired tiles. These tiles can be in black and white, bright primary colors, and in enamel-looking glazed tiles that have a glassy quality in colors like teal or sage green.

If you don’t want to have a statement backsplash, then take it to the floor. Flooring tiles are also coming in exotic patterns and bright colors. Colorful grout used with arabesque tiles can be equally outstanding. For example, a glassy white arabesque tile with bright teal grout.

Geometric Rules
Grid motifs are coming on strong this spring. They can be found in ceramics and porcelains, natural stone, and especially marble. Black and white marble grid patterns are suddenly everywhere. Contrast and texture are being used to create geometric tone-on-tone patterns in tile; some are wavy, others are circular.

Mix the Metals
Designers are all talking about mixing metals, but they are talking about mixing silver with gold or gold with brass. In tile, a mixed metal backsplash might mean blending rectangular metal squares with porcelain tile, natural stone, glass, or marble.  It adds a bit of glitz and glamor.

Give Your Kitchen a Mini Facelift
A dated kitchen can go from blah to wow simply by replacing a dated backsplash. Throw in a new countertop and cabinet doors to complete the look. Our designers can help you design the perfect kitchen for your busy life and personal style.