4 DIY Updates to Increase Home Value

4 DIY Updates to Increase Home Value

Every home reno go-getter loves a good DIY project. Because let’s be honest—DIYs serve as our own personal touch to the spaces where we live our lives. Plus, with the right plan and tools to execute, these projects can be relatively inexpensive and seriously rewarding. After all, a little sweat and elbow grease always make for a sweeter end result. 

But it’s not just our own lives we’re planning for when we start on a new home update project—it’s the life value of our houses where we also pay big contributions. Statistically speaking, home renovations can earn you an average return at resale of 64%. 

The best part? It’s the minor, not the major, renovations that offer the highest return. And for you, that means making small updates you can enjoy now and reap the benefits of later.

So, let’s get started. Here are four simple DIYs you can tackle to increase your home’s monetary value. 

1. Bring your tile back in style

It’s easy to look at outdated tile floors and have the urge to rip it all out and start from scratch. And many of us do fall victim to this mindset, only to find ourselves halfway through an impulsive bathroom gut with our face in our hands. 

Fortunately, there’s a much easier—and much more cost-efficient—way to update your bathroom with that crisp and bold look you’re going for. 

Especially in pre-owned homes with years of living tacked onto them, you’ll find that the tiled bathroom floors just aren’t making the cut any longer. And while we do love a good tile replacement, we also see the beauty in bringing old tile back to life. 

With some paint and the right technique, old tiles can transform from bland and outdated to modern and clean.

Source: Farmhouse Living

2. Hit the lights!

We all know what they look like. They’re brass. They’re basic. They’re the light fixtures of your childhood. And they need to be updated—immediately. 

In all reality, updating your light fixtures is a quick, easy, and totally inexpensive way to give any space a little TLC. And when potential home buyers are browsing through your open house a few years down the road, an updated light fixture will be the “pop” a room needs to stand out.

All you need is a can of spray paint and a dash of imagination to bring any old fixture back to life. 

Source: Pink Little Notebook

3. Declutter the closets
For many potential home buyers, closet space is a huge differentiator when it comes to comparing properties. The idea of cramming your belongings into a small and cluttered space is both stressful and uninviting. And oftentimes, storage space can be what makes or breaks the final decision for a home buyer. 

Even if you lack massive storage space, there are a number of closet organizers on the market that help to properly store items—and give the eye the illusion of a larger space. Many brands, like California Closets, even allow you to customize your organizers to fit your space. The pieces are all shipped directly to you to allow for simple DIY setup. 

Source: California Closets

4. Get crafty with cabinets 
For many families, kitchens are the focal point of the entire home. They’re typically the most frequented space in every house and the area where you’re likely to gather with your family and friends. So, when potential home buyers are scoping out your house, offer them an ideal kitchen space where they can picture their lives. 

Giving a fresh coat of color to your cabinets is a wonderful starting point when it comes to a kitchen facelift. But it doesn’t have to stop at paint. Updating or adding hardware on to your kitchen cabinets also serves as an inexpensive and quick way to give your kitchen an updated appeal. Most cabinet hardware comes at a reasonable price. Plus, it’s a breathtakingly simple project you can tackle in a matter of hours. 

Source: The Home Depot

When it comes to home updates, enjoying the present is directly linked to preparing for your future. Affordable weekend DIY projects offer a simple solution to home improvements and customization. 

Plus, the effort you put into your home now will only pay off in the future. With the right attention to specific details, small touch-ups not only make for more aesthetically pleasing spaces, but also offer a solid monetary gain in the long run.