10 Cool Flooring Tips for a Hot Summer

10 Cool Flooring Tips for a Hot Summer

We’re not sure why they call the hottest part of the Summer “Dog Days,” but they are here. Heat affects everything, including flooring. Here are a few tips and tricks related to flooring and heat from City Tile in Murfreesboro.

  1. Ceramic tile or wood floors keep your home cooler during the summer months.

  2. Carpeting traps heat and contributes to higher electric bills.

  3. Over time vinyl flooring will fade if it is constantly in direct sunlight.

  4. Wood flooring shrinks and expands with moisture.

  5. Cork flooring, while requiring some special care, is a great natural floor covering that is earth-friendly. It is warm in winter and cool in summer.

  6. Laminates are vulnerable to moisture and may swell and buckle with excessive moisture.

  7. Excessive heat over a long period of time will cause wood to splinter and peel.

  8. Engineered hardwood is great for humid climates as its underlying construction resists swelling and shrinking.

  9. Today’s indoor/outdoor carpeting is not the ugly fake grass of yesteryear, making it a great option for areas where there is excessive moisture because it does not mold or mildew like regular carpeting.

  10. Cork flooring must be acclimated to the humidity where it will be laid before installation.