Wood: Not Just For Your Floors

Wood: Not Just For Your Floors

Wood floors these days are not always made of wood. And wood-look flooring has been finding its way to walls. Wood flooring, wood-look laminate flooring, vinyl, and tile planks provide materials for both DIY and professional installation.

 Wood Flooring Types
The interest in wood on accent walls began with reclaimed barn wood several years ago, but hardwoods like oak and walnut are finding their way there, also. Pine can also be used on walls. While it is a soft wood, and therefore less durable, it creates a beautiful look.

Wood floor planks not only offer the beauty of wood, but natural wood can have stain, bleach, distressing, inlay or marquetry.

Laminate and Vinyl Flooring on Walls
With all of the innovation in laminate and vinyl, faux wood flooring is now being used on walls to create a high-end design. Instead of shiplap, Armstrong flooring offers inspired faux wood laminate with matching trim made just for wall boarders.

Laminate flooring comes in rich patterns like fine mahogany to rustic white washed pine, at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

Vinyl, like laminate, can be used on walls. It is a budget-friendly option. Peel and stick wood planks were made for the creative do-it yourselfer. It is a perfect material for high moisture areas like laundry rooms, and bathrooms.

 Tile Options
Like vinyl, porcelain and ceramic tiles are now being made to look like real wood. Many of these tiles are so realistic that it is hard to tell if they are real wood or not. And floor tile can easily be used on walls.

 Wood and Wood-Look Flooring Costs
 The cost of a reclaimed wood wall can start at $750 for a small wall to over $2,500 for a larger wall. High-end wood flooring is the best for walls, which runs seven dollars or more per square foot.

Laminate costs run from about four dollars a square foot to about seven, making it a less expensive option. Vinyl will cost about three dollars a square foot. Tile costs are on the upper end, running between $10 and over $18 per square foot

Wood Offers Style and ROI
Designers and homebuyers are demanding the use of rich woods in today’s homes, so investment in wood not only on  floors, but also on walls will increase the value of any home, while providing the most up to date styling. Making the use of wood in your home an investment that is sure to see a great return.