Vacuuming the Right Way

Vacuuming the Right Way

Pretty much all of us have grown up using a vacuum cleaner, or watched our parents use one. But few of us realize that there is a correct way to use one. There is more to it than you think.

So, what’s the right way to do it?

First things first, if you’re working on a spill be sure to clean it up as best you can before you vacuum. Large particles can damage a vacuum, which is no cheap fix.

 For stubborn stains use CarpetAid+, which is a powerful cleaner created to remove hard to deal with stains created by pets, wine, grease, coffee, cola and more. It is effective on both old and new stains, although old stains may take more than one application.

Never use carpet refreshers. They will cause your carpet to hold dirt. Sprinkle baking soda all over the carpet before using the vacuum if you want a clean fresh smell.

A Clean Vacuum Means a Clean Carpet
What most people don’t know is that it’s best to start out with a clean vacuum to achieve your ideal carpet clean. Clean out filters, replace full bags, and wipe down the entire vacuum, including the cord. The cleaner the vacuum, the better the suction. If nothing else, be sure to empty the bag. A vacuum bag greater than 50% full can decrease effectiveness by as much as 80%.

Technique is Everything
The best clean comes from straight runs overlapping as you go, which means you need to remove any furniture that is obstructing a straight run. It’s kinda like mowing a lawn.

Unlike mowing, one run is not going to get you the cleanest rug. It can take five to seven passes to get your carpet really clean, especially in high traffic areas. 
So How Often?
It’s unpopular but true that a quick vacuuming should be done every day. We know that this is just not going to happen in most cases because life gets in the way, so aim for at least twice a week. Dirt will harm fibers, so the more you keep it clean, the longer it will last.  

And What Kind Do I Need?
Finding the proper vacuum for your needs is also important. If you have wall to wall carpeting in most of your home, you will need a hardier model than if you have a few area rugs. Pet hair has its own issues, so it would be worth it to look into a model created to deal with its unique qualities.

Investment into a portable vacuum is good for ceilings, walls, and corners. It can also help with hard to remove pet hair if you choose not to get a pet-specific model.

Keeping a vacuum clean and in good working order is the number one way to make sure that it is effectively doing its job. Consistency is the best way to ensure you are keeping your carpets the cleanest they can be.