Let’s Go Christmas Shopping

Let’s Go Christmas Shopping

It’s that time of year. Time to come up with that Christmas shopping list full of gift ideas for family and friends. Below, my Diva Darlings, I have compiled a list of seven hot items to give away or get for yourself this holiday season.

Okay, let’s start by talking flooring cleanup ideas. My friend John is a floor-cleaning fanatic. Yep, he loves to pull out the vacuum or steam cleaner at the drop of the littlest bit of goo, and he’s always looking for the coolest new tech cleaner to keep his floors spick and span. Sometimes he even drives his wife crazy with his floor tech obsession. So, this year for Christmas I am getting HIM the latest floor cleaner. With the increasing emphasis on hard surface flooring, I looked into something where“ someone else” could to do the work. I found the iRobot Braava 380t. It is a wet and dry mop version of a Roomba that cleans tile, vinyl, hardwood, and laminate floors. Best of all the Braava cleans baseboards!

Keeping with the hard-surface flooring theme, the next best item I put on my list was a custom made area rug. My friend Crystal and her husband moved into a new home with yards and yards of hardwood flooring, but they’d like a bit of cushion under their toes in the morning. Last year I had a unique rug made for the remodeled kitchen in their old home, but this year they have a whole new home! Modern rugs are all about simplicity and pattern, but one of the 2016 trends that I love most is the shag rug that looks almost like sheepskin. I hope my friends like the cream shag area rug I got for them. These rugs are all the rage (or at least I think they should be).

Be wild. Be crazy. Tile an accent wall. I keep my contractor so busy with redoing bits and pieces of my house all of the time, that he never has time to work on his own place. So, for Christmas I am giving him an accent wall for his home using the new REDEEM style of tile from Atlas Concorde. It is an American Made, Italian-styled totally modern porcelain tile that City Tile will be one of only six stores allowed to carry it in Middle Tennessee.

My friend Jennifer has decided to remodel her business, which is a spa. Years ago I was at a spa that had this wonderful waterfall behind the desk where you checked in. So that is what I am giving her this year, an indoor waterfall, with the tile behind it coming from City Tile, of course. They have stacked stone, marble, mosaics, pebbles and more to choose from, I am glad that she is making the choice, because I never could! I just walk into the showroom and see the new styles of flooring that they have on display and I want to buy all of it!

This year I am all about buying things for my friend’s homes. One of the coolest items I have come across is the Microsilk by Jason. Jason is a revolutionary idea from the famous Jacuzzi family. It is an innovative new form of hydrotherapy that yields amazing health and beauty benefits. According to their product information, the system supersaturates the water with billions of oxygen-rich micro-bubbles, 70% above standard bath water; These tiny bubbles increase the level of oxygen in your skin, stimulate your immune system, killing bacteria, and promoting healing. I put my hand in a display model and when I pulled it out and compared my two hands, there was s profound difference. The hand that had been in the water was softer and more supple. I have had people tell me that it healed up their skin disease, and others who have seen a reduction of age-lines. Put one on my Christmas list.

The iDevices switch will make your home life easier. Just plug it into any outlet in your home, then plug anything from your television to your coffeemaker into the iDevice plug. This will allow you to remote control access to the device via your iPhone. Instead of staggering into the kitchen to turn on the coffeemaker in the morning, all you have to do is tap a button on your phone before you even get out of bed to get it started. By the time you are out of the shower, your coffee is ready and you can grab it and hit the door to conquer the day. This is perfect gift for my caffeine-dependent friend, Stephen.

Jessie will totally love the Roomba for the Lawn. She doesn’t want a yard service, but she doesn’t want to mow her own lawn, either. She twists her son’s arm into doing it. No more! There are now a number of robotic lawn mowers available. I am getting her the king of the crop — the Husqvarna 5 Acre Capacity Robotic Auto-Mower.

Hope these unique ideas for the home stimulate your gift giving imagination. As we increase the amount of technology in our homes, there is also an increase in technology in flooring manufacturing, allowing for the creation of more and more unique products. Make sure to put some of these technological breakthroughs on you Chistmas list.

Until the New Year. my fellow design divas. Shop well!