Keeping Your Footsies Warm This Winter

Keeping Your Footsies Warm This Winter

Here at City Tile in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, we frequently get asked what flooring is the best for the winter months. You’ll be surprised by our answer.

The best way to keep your floors warm when the temperature plunges is Ditra Heat by Schluter. It is an electric warming system that can be put under tile floors, which makes it perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and >sunrooms. You can throw a rug over wood flooring to drive the cold back, or take advantage of the insulating qualities of luxury vinyl, but neither compare to Ditra Heat.

One Customer’s Story
Jonathan Russnogle, one of our sales representatives, shared the story of a client who had it put in a covered back porch. It allowed her to use the porch during the winter months just like she did during the summer, enjoying her morning coffee out there every morning.

“You can set the times before you get up in the morning,” said Russnogle, “and then, when you step out of bed, the floors are warm to the touch.”

High Tech Comfort
The system is totally programmable, so there is no need to even think about cold feet on a freezing morning when the kids are out of school because of a snow day. You know the floors will be warm when they come back inside to dry off and have a cup of hot chocolate.


Other Options
“Carpeting is great insulation for winter floors,” said Russnogle, “you can always put down an area rug over wood floors or tile. And luxury vinyl offers a layer of insulation. But you can’t beat a Ditra Heat system under your tile floors.”

Luxury, Technology, Comfort
Floor warming systems are luxurious, blending technology with the beauty and easy care of a tile floor. This system is designed for easy installation. It was also designed to insure it is durable and does not cause tiles to break or grout to crack.

Want to Know More About Ditra Heat?
For more information about the Ditra Heat system, visit the City Tile showroom where they have a sample that you can touch to feel how well it keeps the tiles warm, and view extensive literature on how the system works.

Our designers and sales associates can help you explore the options with Ditra Heat, just call, comment, email or come see us at our showroom!