It’s Hot, Hot, Hot! Make Your Patio Cool

It’s Hot, Hot, Hot! Make Your Patio Cool

Darlings, it’s so hot I have given up on my perfect coiffure and elegant matte finished face for a classic daiquiri* by the pool (G&T just doesn’t cut it in this heat). Not even by the pool. In the pool. My backyard refuge, which I had built last year (see previous blog), is a perfect retreat for this unrelenting heat. I find myself feeling sorry for those poor souls who have not gone down to City Tile in Murfreesboro to get the chilling started.

Surrounded by a screen of Arborvitae and shaded by Wisteria and Honeysuckle vines, I have a haven from the sun’s never ending pounding under a covered seating area made of cooling brick. The brick gives the sun’s rays a push back. It creates a naturally “air-conditioned” cave where I can relax with friends and enjoy the cooler evenings.

Then there is my outdoor kitchen made from natural-stone-look tile and trimmed in a lovely mosaic pattern with a touch of metallic bling. Did you know that tile can keep a home cooler during the summer months?

When my ladylike glowing turns into ugly horse-sweat (although I will never admit it happens) as the heat of the day progresses, I just jump into the outdoor shower and enjoy the cool pebble floor mosaic under my feet as the water washes away all that nastiness.
Now you see why I feel for my friends who have not remodeled their backyards into chill outdoor living spaces.
Even though this princess had to have the tricked-out royal treatment when she had her back yard remodeled, giving it all of the glitter of a palace, I have seen some lovely minimalist and mid-century modern looks. I saw them recently in the latest editions of two home magazines I was perusing by the pool.

Atomic Ranch and Dwell have some high style, low clutter ideas for outdoor living using wood, stone and a wall of green plants to bring the outside in and the inside out. The mid-century modern ranch home is the focus of the first magazine, presenting gardens for those who don’t have a gardener on speed-dial. With a splash of brick, a dash of cement-look ceramic (or real cement), bamboo, and lots of pebbles, these low-maintenance refuges can also keep a body cool.

For those with an eye for contemporary design, Dwell is the Southern Living for that set. This is for those who are interested in the newest ideas in home design: Like tiling an external wall and trading a cement patio for a multi-layered wood deck. Wood is another great way to cool down this summer.

Because wood is another heat deterrent, now is the time to put in a distressed wood accent wall. See how much one can do for a space by visiting City Tile’s show room. They have covered an entire section of the showroom wall with wood flooring and it is transformed.

Whatever your style, design lovers, you absolutely must invest in the outdoor living craze by creating your own oasis in the middle of this – to seal from Neal Simon — Africa hot heat.

*Classic Daiquiri Recipe
  • 1 1/2 ounces light rum
  • 1 ounce fresh lime juice
  • 1 teaspoon simple syrup or superfine sugar

Pour ingredients into a chilled shaker, and for Pete’s sake don’t stir, shake, shake shake, then pour into an appropriate glass. Enjoy!