How Can Patterned Carpet Reshape Your Home?

How Can Patterned Carpet Reshape Your Home?

Flooring grounds your home’s design. A patterned carpet can reshape your home, be it pattered wall-to-wall, patterned carpet on the stairs, or carpet patterns and colors that make a statement. Patterned carpet can also redefine problem spaces.

Patterned carpeting can become a focal point when used throughout a room, or smaller rugs can create cozy areas within larger spaces. They can take a room from yow to wow!

Wall-to-wall Carpet Makeover 
In a stately traditional living room, monochromatic seating covered in a high-end fabrication like silk or linen makes a significant statement. But too much of a good thing makes a room fade into nothingness.

A statement, patterned wall-to-wall carpet chosen to complement the character of a room can pull all of the pieces together, making the room pop. Below, the arabesque two-tone rug mimics the open latticework wall behind the couch and draws the eye to the artwork on the wall, which pulls you into the living room.

Living room Arabic style. 3d visualization

Patterned Carpet On the Stair 
Stairs are a perfect place to give your home a quick modern makeover. The time for boring stairs is gone. Patterned carpet on the stairs not only gives your home a distinctive style, but it makes stairs safer for young children.

Carpet Color and Pattern 
Statement carpeting can work all over the house. In the bedroom below, the use of a beige and black geometric carpet insures that the on trend for fall dark plumb-wine colored walls are not overpowering, and that the bed stays the focal point.

A patterned carpet can either be the focal point, or it can be used to manipulate what the eye is drawn to in a room (as in the photo above). In both cases, the use of patterned carpeting can turn a dull room into one that gets noticed.

Area Rugs With Punch 
The right area rug can, like the right wall-to-wall carpet,transform a room. An area rug can divide a large room into more intimate sections. Designers use area rugs to separate functional spaces in an open floor plan home.

No delineation between spaces spaces accentuates a long, narrow room. However, the right area rug not only helps to define the two spaces, but it makes the room look wider. The strips and bold color in the photo above creates an intimate space for conversation.

Patterned Rugs Create Trompe d’Oeil

Area rugs can also give tall rooms a sense of proportion; making small rooms look bigger, or very high-ceilinged rooms appear more cozy. Without an area rug, this high ceiling room overwhelms the furnishings, making the space seem austere and overpowering. Definitely not an inviting area.
The patterned area rug in this photo grounds the room, pulling it back to a more human scale.

Graphic Patterned Rugs Back in Style 
With all of the interest in wood floors, floor tile, and minimalist area rugs, bold graphic area rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting have been left in the dust the past few years. They are coming back. They are coming back because, as you can see from the photos above, they have their place in interior design. They can be the element that solves many of the issues with size, space, and focus in a room. Sometimes the only thing that works to solve the design issue.

When remodeling a house or just giving an old room a bit of pizazz, make sure to look at patterned carpets and rugs. They can make a big difference between dull and dazzling.