Go Blue: Blue Tiles are Cool this Summer

Go Blue: Blue Tiles are Cool this Summer

Tiles are Going Blue
Last year everything was white on white. This year, instead of being inspired by white-washed Greek island villas, the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea are the inspiration for the cool tiles of summer. These tiles are being used in kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor living spaces.

From arabesque tiles with almost translucent glazes that look wet to dark and smoky navy four-by four-inch tiles with a matte finish, it’s all about the blues.

Blue is also giving the subway tile that won’t go away a new twist. Some subway tiles are even being made to look like shiny blue bricks.

There are also blue penny tiles, blue hexagons, and multi-colored blue stacked tiles mixed with silver metallic and glass.

Are you a fan of old-style Delft tiles? Well, there are Delft-inspired tiles that have modernized the patterns by taking inspiration from new-world Talavera tiles.

Blue tiles are part of the movement away from whites and grays to more saturated hues. The movement to more saturated hues began last fall with the many dark and moody colors chosen as colors of the year. One of the most popular of these colors of the year is Blueprint from Behr and PPG’s deep greenish-blue Night Watch.

According to color psychology, blues are calming. Color is a powerful communication tool. In our crazy, busy world, having a little blue in your life can give you a psychological chill. Blue is also seen as a sign of stability and orderliness. It is a universally loved color throughout the world.

The color blue lowers your pulse rate and your body temperature, a perfect trick on a hot summer day.

Add touches of blue tile to your pool, outdoor kitchen, or outdoor shower. Or make a powerful statement with a floor to ceiling blue tile wall. The color itself has been known to inspire inspiration!

Go blue this summer!