Finding the Perfect Custom Area Rug

Finding the Perfect Custom Area Rug

Wood floors are still the best investment to add value to your home. As fall comes, you will find that as the nights get cooler, so do your floors. That is why it is so important to have a nice area rug to keep your feet warm.

Area rugs are also great for bringing color, texture, and pattern into a room. As a matter of fact, according to Karastan’s website, almost thirty percent of a room’s color comes from floorcovering. Many top designers say that flooring is the base upon which a room is built.

Whether you pick engineered hardwood, laminate, wood-look high-end vinyl, or faux wood tile for the base of your room, a distinctive rug can pull a room together. A custom area rug can be the component that harmonizes artwork, furniture, paint, and accessories like pillows. Companies like Karastan, Fabrica, Stanton, and Shaw create made-to-order carpets that will give any room a polished look.

Area rugs can be chosen for pattern, texture, or color. Shaw’s website says that they can custom bind any rug pattern from their catalog. They also offer samples to test in the space where you plan on using the rug. Contemporary styling with geometric or organic natural designs is overtaking classic Asian or Persian inspired patterns as the rug styles of choice.

Statement rugs can be found in a rainbow of colors such as gray, blue, green, orange or violet – and can be made into an assortment of textures, and patterns.  For example, Shaw’s Cashmere Classics solid is available in Cranberry, Ballet Pink, and Henna. Their Lucid Ivy pattern, which looks like vines, comes in many beautiful shades of green called Succulent.

Many different textures can be woven into a rug. Textures include shag, plush, cut pile, rough, soft, nubby, or smooth. These textures are created by repeatedly looping yarn through a backing material using the same motion you would make with a needle and thread, and the loops are what create the carpet’s pile. Another factor involved is the material used to make the carpet, like wool, nylon, polyester, or some combination thereof. The fibers can be twisted tight or loose, cut or looped, or any these variations can be combined.

Designers at City Tile can help you find the perfect area rug for your home. For more information on what they can do for you, read “What Our Design Consultants Can Do for You.”