Fast Floor Installs

Fast Floor Installs

Flooring When Time is of the Essence

Sometimes flooring choices are more about the time involved in installation and the ease of laying the floor than about the beauty of the flooring. When you have a quick turn around time and have minimal time to prepare the bed the floor will be sitting upon, City Tile suggests glass back or lock and fold vinyl, laminate, and carpet. They have options that are both beautiful and functional

Glass Back Vinyl

Glass-back vinyl, which has a fiberglass backing instead of traditional felt backing, is installed as a loose lay or modified loose lay installation, meaning that there is no glue used to adhere it to the sub-floor underneath, or a releasable glue is used like that on a sticky note.

It is also thicker and lays easily over many kinds of surfaces, where traditional felt-backed vinyl is not as forgiving. And traditional felt-backed vinyl requires permanent glue or the edges will curl. City Tile in Murfreesboro offers Mannington glass-back luxury vinyl in three options: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. These grades refer to performance levels and the length of the wear guarantee.

What this means to the floor buyer is that fiberglass vinyl floors can be installed on pretty much any grade of bedding (what one puts the flooring over), anywhere in your home. Have a clammy basement or constantly damp laundry room? Bring them on. Glass-back vinyl can handle it.

Vinyl Lock and Fold

While a number of brands carry lock and fold vinyl tile, City Tile offers one of the best, Floorte Array made by Shaw. An entire floor can be laid in a few hours with no mess and minimal prep thanks to their VersaLockTM System. The floor comes in planks that lock together and do not stick to the floor beneath. Best of all, they look and feel like real wood while being easy clean thanks to their OptiCleanTM/strong>surface that offers additional stain resistance

Lock and fold floors “float” over the sub-floor, allowing for this flooring to be used over less than ideal situations where the subfloor may be rough, uneven, or very hard to remove due to age. If the client prefers that some glue be used to adhere the flooring, it can be done as a perimeter installation, of full spread if need be.


While laminate is quick, a floor can be laid by a moderately skilled do-it-yourselfer in about eight hours, it is not as forgiving about the bed it lays upon and cannot be laid in a room with a floor drain or a high moisture area.

Before the floor is laid, the subfloor must be cleaned and leveled. If floors are clean and level, it will lay over ceramic, vinyl, concrete or plywood. After the subfloor is prepared, a moisture barrier must be laid to protect the floor from moisture seepage from under the house. Laminate flooring comes in a tongue-and-groove system that allows the planks to snap together. Length adjustments can be made using a handsaw or circular saw.

All of the top flooring brands offer laminate options. City Tile has beautiful laminate in many different styles from Armstrong that look like real wood.


One of the quickest floors to install is a good old wall-to-wall carpet. Skilled carpet installers can carpet a 2,200 square foot house in a day. Carpets are beautiful, and can add to the interior design of the home. They are also great floor insulators on a cold morning.

For a long-lasting carpet, it is best to use professional installers to insure that you get the maximum of carpet with the minimum of waste. There are also vast options for carpet pads, also known as cushions. They extend the life of your carpet by providing protection, increasing the amount of insulation, and providing springy cushion.

Carpets can be laid over many different types of surfaces, but they do breath, so it is best to have a clean surface to cover.

City Tile’s in-house designers can help you make the best choice for your home quickly and affordably, and help you get the installation completed in a timely manner.