Cool Floors for a Hot Summer

Cool Floors for a Hot Summer

While spring has been marvelous here in Tennessee, we all know that a hot summer is sure to follow. So what, fellow Design Divas, is the best flooring to have when the temperature is rising?

Let me cut to the chase here, the best flooring choices for keeping your house cool during the summer months are wood (including laminate), and tile (natural stone, marble, ceramic, and porcelain). Cork will provide some insulation against the loss of cool air out through the floor.

The worst flooring for the summer is wool carpet because it holds heat, which makes it the perfect thing to toss over wood and tile floors during the winter, but a good thing to remove during the summer and replace with a natural fiber area rug made from sisal or jute.


Be it engineered hardwood flooring or natural hardwood flooring, wood does not hold heat. Once sealed properly, wood can be cleaned with Bona.

While wood is susceptible to damage from sun and humidity, it is still very durable and adds beauty to any room. It is best to have it resealed every 4-5 years.

Engineered wood flooring does not require the same degree of work as natural hardwood flooring because it is more durable. A veneer of hardwood is placed over a longer lasting subsurface and sealed. It can be used in areas with moisture where natural wood cannot.

Laminate is a blend between vinyl and wood. It snaps together for easy installation, and it acts as an insulator. Like engineered hardwood, it can be used in areas where natural wood cannot be used. It cleans up quickly and easily, and it is less expensive and more durable than engineered or natural hardwood floors.


With the massive number of patterns and colors available in tile these days, it can be the flooring of choice throughout your home. It stays cool and it is easy to clean, just a quick mop. It is good to seal the tile and grout if it has been laid in a high traffic area, which will insure a quick clean up after the dirt of summer tramples through your house on the feet of children and pets.

Tile can be found in several materials: natural stone, marble, ceramic, and the harder and more durable porcelain. Natural stone and marble are organic, so they are porous and can stain easily. They must be sealed or used in low-traffic areas. Special cleaners must be used. They can also be expensive.

Ceramic and porcelain tile come in stone and marble look options, as well as wood-look, and a plethora of other options sure to fulfill the needs of any design idea. They are easier to clean and generally less expensive than natural stone and marble.


Cork is a natural and renewable flooring option that acts as an insulator. It stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Cork has many of the qualities of a wood floor, but it is not susceptible to insect infestation or fire, and it is hypoallergenic. If you install a floating cork floor, a moisture barrier membrane is placed under the cork for more protection from moisture that might come from under the floorboards.

Choosing Your Flooring

Any of the above options offer beauty, easy-clean abilities, and a breath of cool air as temperatures rise. The designers and sales associates at City Tile in Murfreesboro, Tennessee are ready to help you choose the perfect flooring to keep your home comfortable in the coming summer months.

Let us know which flooring choice you will be going with to combat the summer heat.