Confessions of a Design Diva Sock Addict

Confessions of a Design Diva Sock Addict

There is something about socks and wood floors that makes me smile. I’d like to think that my addiction to socks started after seeing the old movie Risky Business, the quintessential sock and wood floor film, but I have to admit that I discovered socks and slick flooring long before Tom Cruise.

It all started when I was quite small and my mother took off running after the cat in a pair of my father’s old socks because her feet were cold. Cat slid down the wood floor, slammed into the wall and took off out the door with Mom sliding and slamming after her. All Mom wanted to do was brush the cat and pull the knots out of her fur. Can’t understand why the cat objected? Kidding.

But I digress.

The point is, this event got me exploring the exquisiteness of warm socks. As a matter of fact, my husband always says there’s nothing like warm socks and new underwear.

Back in the day, it used to just be men’s dress socks, tube socks, and then those short golf sock thingys, until the sock world came into its own. It all started with Tommy Hilfiger and his wild colored socks that went with his brightly colored men’s clothing. Bless Tommy’s heart. He never knew he was starting a sock revolution, I am sure.

Now there are all kinds of crazy socks. I have Hawaiian socks with palm trees, and Goth socks with vampires and zombies. I have some that are fuzzy with purple polka dots. And others that say irreverent things. But my favorite are my husband’s old cashmere socks.

Socks not only come in a rainbow of colors and designs, but also an assortment of fabrications. From 100% cotton, my personal favorite in the summer months, to wool, to bamboo, to silk, to all kinds of synthetic socks that are supposed to wick away sweat. Yeah right!

I mean, seriously, has a poly anything ever been good in the heat? If you lived during the era of the double-knit polyester suit, you know that the best bet is natural fabrics. Unless of course, it is winter and you have several pairs of those fluffy acrylic socks with or without the little grabber dots (I prefer without, if you want to know).

If we get into nylons, then there is everything from sexy thigh highs to those bits of sock women use at the store to try on shoes.

But real socks can be found in stylings from golf style that are below the ankle to knee high. When you think knee high, there’s nothing quite like a group of senior men in shorts and knee-high golf socks to get the visual. Yes Dad, I am referring to you and your cronies.

I could keep telling sock stories forever. I mean, I used to have socks for every holiday. I had everything from stars and stripes to shamrocks, valentines to holly decked. And I had hose the same color of every pair of shoes I had. And I had shoes in the colors of the rainbow.

Told you I was a sock addict…

And then, one year the fun colors all went away. Socks got very boring. I just faded to black.

Except when I am alone at home, with the cats. I don’t go chasing them so I can test the resistance coefficient of the cotton versus acrylic, but I do enjoy a good hot chocolate on a cold fall night and a pair of bright fluffy Christmas red knee highs that the cats look at with disdain… or are they just jealous?

Time to sign off and fluff up the fuzzies for a long winter’s nap… while dreaming of a pair of Kinky Boots socks (from the play). Really, you thought sugar plum socks?

For socks, I am truly thankful.

Skating off to bed now. Good dreams to you! Wishing each of you a nice pair of warm socks under the tree.