City Tile Solves Interior Design Problems

City Tile Solves Interior Design Problems

As Deborah Belcher, Chair of the Human Sciences Department at MTSU, says, interior design choices are as unique as each individual. But a good interior designer knows how to work with the idiosyncrasies of each individual space to create a harmonious composition that fits their client’s style.

“Each room,” Blecher notes, “must be seen with an eye towards function, structure, and aesthetics.”

Wood-Look Luxury Vinyl Planks Save The Day

This means that every room has it’s own unique issues. As City Tile designer, Krista Skinner, notes, one issue is the durability and care of wood floors. While real wood floors are beautiful, they are cold in the winter, and they do not react well to moisture.

“Luxury vinyl planks are a great option when a client wants the look and feel of wood in an area where there is a lot of moisture, or if they have older parents sensitive to the temperature. A luxury vinyl floor will not get as cold in the winter because it has more padding between the subfloor and the surface.”

Recent technological advances have allowed manufacturers of luxury vinyl planks to create a product that looks like real wood, but it is more durable. It is scratch and fluid resistant. This means it is also good for families with pets, their nails will not scratch the surface.

While it began as a commercial product, it has grown in usage from residential to houseboats to floors in high-end senior living facilities.

Sisal Rugs Provide Floor Coverage When Budget Constraints

Nashville interior designer Hannah Crowell of Crowell Interiors had a room needing extensive floor coverage, but with a budget that didn’t allow for the purchase of a vintage Persian rug the size needed. She solved the problem by layering a much smaller rug over a sisal rug.

“ I found a beautiful vintage Persian rug on Everything But The House online that looked great at the foot of the bed,” said Crowell, “which provided the look I wanted, but within budget, while covering the majority of the floor space in the bedroom I was designing with a large sisal rug. Sisal rugs are a great budget-friendly way to cover a wood or tile floor, while layering a vintage rug on top creates texture and interest.”

With the trend toward bringing natural elements into the home, sisal or jute rugs provide a touch of the outside inside since they are made from plants.

Porcelain Tile For Those With Champaign Taste and Beer Pocketbooks

Marble has been used in home design for its beauty for thousands of years, and in the last few years the use of marble for bathrooms, countertops, and backsplashes has grown. But marble does not fit the budgetary restrains of every person who wants that aesthetic. Porcelain tile can come to the rescue.

Like manufacturers of luxury vinyl planks, porcelain tile manufacturers have used technology to develop tiles that have the look and feel of real marble at a fraction of the price. And they are also more durable.

Porcelain tiles can be used both outside and inside, and they hold up to high traffic. Marble tiles, because they are organic and porous, need to be used inside in lower traffic areas or on walls. Also, porcelain tiles are easier to keep clean and are less likely to stain and scratch. Marble tiles, on the other hand, are prone to stains, scratches, and wear.

“I frequently suggest porcelain tile to clients who what the look of marble,” said Skinner, “or even natural stone, but do not want the upkeep or pay the price for the real thing. When laid professionally, there is very little difference in the look.”

Flooring Can Solve many Design Issues

“We build a room from the floor up,” said interior designer Donna Gilliam of Donna Gilliam Interiors during a recent class she conducted. “Flooring choices can add many different elements to a room, and the choice of flooring is always dependent on the function of the room.”

Many people do not understand how to choose the best flooring for their needs or to create the best look, because they do not understand the pluses and minuses of each flooring choice.

A good designer can help a client find the proper flooring option to insure the best choice for a room’s function, form, look, and feel.

All of the designers at City Tile, like Krista Skinner, are flooring specialists. Helping their clients find that perfect balance between form and function is what they do best. Stop by the City Tile showroom in Murfreesboro, Tennessee today. They will help you find the perfect flooring to solve your unique design requirements.