Adding Red, White, and Blue to Your Décor

Adding Red, White, and Blue to Your Décor

The use of color in our homes is changing. Designers and homeowners alike are choosing to use basic colors on walls and floors, like the palest of greys and white, and then providing the bold color through the use of décor, artwork, and statement pieces of furniture.

Design Diva knows a few things about color. And the coming of Independence Day makes me think of what a little red, white, and blue can do to add some pizzazz to any home, not just during the summer months, but all year ’round.

White: Oasis or Canvas
All white kitchens are currently de rigueur. A white kitchen can be an oasis where the family hangs after a busy day.  Glossy flat front cabinets, all white quartz countertops, and stainless steel appliances create a sleek contemporary style that is easy to clean and always looks great.

Currently, there is a move away from white being the only color in a room, be it a very modern white kitchen, or an open concept living and dining room area. White walls and bleached wood flooring is becoming the backdrop for more colorful touches.

Where once a living room was graced with a beige linen couch, that couch has most likely been replaced with a statement one covered in colored velvet of jewel-toned blue or red. Or if there is a neutral colored couch, then it is accented by bold pillows and a large piece of art that draws the eye to the focal point in the room.

Red: Bold Accents

Using a splash of red can create a bold statement in any room, be it covering a Chesterfield sofa that dominates a living room, or as a textured linen accent pillow.

The thing about red is that a little can go a long way. No matter what other color you use in a room, red is powerful and dramatic. It only takes a dash.

Depending on the shade of red, a room can feel cozy, as when using a bright version, to royal, when using a deeper shade. Red can be warming and stimulating: It is a perfect color to use in a dark north facing room that can be dreary.

One thing to consider is keeping red out of the bedroom. Some studies even suggest it may be too stimulating and keep the occupant awake. Choosing cool colors like shades of blue are better for a bedroom.

Blue: Serenity and Focus

Where red may make a mind race to the point of sleeplessness, blue is serene and focusing. It is a perfect choice for a bedroom in paler shades, and hue like teal.

Blue is a great color for an entire house. It is the most loved color around the world, providing a sense of calm and stability. From the palest of baby blues to the most intense indigo, blue is one of the hottest colors in design right now.

One way to bring blue into your home is through blue tiles. The options are only limited by your imagination. There is everything from glass to enamel like glazes, to cement-look patterned tiles that can be used on a backsplash or the side of a kitchen island to bring color into an all-white kitchen and turn it into a standout.
Red, White, and Blue Style

When used together, these three colors exude a sense of Americana best employed in homes with a farmhouse or beach style. These colors also work well in traditional designs. Even contemporary, Industrial, modern, or Boho style homes can handle the use of these colors. It is all about balance.

A beachy home or farmhouse style home can take traditional fabrics like red gingham, where a more traditional home will call for a print like a blue toile.

Modern and contemporary homes may look best with non-traditional shades, going deeper or paler. Boho and Industrial will require the use of other colors to break up the colors or they will seem kitschy.

Your Personal Style

While my tips will help you use good old red, white, and blue in your home, in the end, it is about comfort and your own personal style. You may choose to use a pop of one or more of these colors, or you may choose to drench a room in a color using many shades.

In the end it is all about what makes your home a place to celebrate with friends and family as we celebrate our country’s Independence Day! Happy 4th of July from the Design Diva and the staff at City Tile in Murfreesboro.