We sat down with one of the newest members on our team, Shannon Draughn, to get to know her and how she brings a special touch of personality to the City Tile experience.

As a Retail Sales/Design Consultant, Shannon acts as a guide for City Tile clients throughout their entire journey. From selecting the perfect flooring to fit their space to installation and the final product, Shannon is there to manage the process and act as a knowledgeable liaison between customer and store. You can think of Shannon as the playmaker. The QB1. The scrappy point guard on a winning team. She works to get to know you and your style to bring all of your lofty design goals to fruition.

After spending some time in North Florida, Shannon returned to her hometown, Murfreesboro, TN, where we happily welcomed her into the City Tile family. And today, we’re getting to know her and the relationships she cultivates with each of her clients.

The job title is Retail Sales/Design Consultant. The description is a flooring magic maker.

The consultant a client meets with is the person who will be with them throughout the entire process, giving the client the same point of contact from when they order their tile to when it’s installed.

As a client, your dedicated consultant is essentially your flooring fairy godparent. They’re not only a resource of knowledge and suggestions, they’re also enthusiastic about working with you to bring all your ideas to life.

Of course, other consultants are there to answer any questions clients may have along the way, but there will always be a dedicated representative working on their project with them.

We’ve got a whole lot of love for the client experience.

Shannon sees the flooring industry as an extension of the customer service industry. Similar to working in a luxury hotel (one of Shannon’s previous experiences), she appreciates the dedication it takes to create an ambiance that her clients can feel comfortable and confident in when making their flooring decisions.

“It’s a super personal experience and something that people put a lot of emotion behind. Many people are coming in to pick out flooring for their forever home, and I love having the opportunity to get to know my clients as I walk them through the process.”

Yikes! Do I even have time for a flooring remodel?

In Shannon’s experience, taking the appropriate amount of time to make these decisions is important. However, when things do get rushed, as they sometimes will, Shannon is there to guide the process and help clients make decisions they will be happy with for years to come. If you’re looking to schedule an appointment with Shannon or another Retail Sales/Design Consultant, we’ve found that it’s helpful for clients to come into the showroom with pictures, or even a Pinterest board, to act as their personal collection of inspirations. Our freshly updated website also features an online gallery, which gives you access to all our products, even those we don’t carry in our showroom.

But if you’re totally stumped on what you’re looking for, our consultants are fully capable and prepared to help you narrow down your options and navigate the process.

*Deep breath* Do I need an interior designer?

With a dedicated consultant, like Shannon, guiding you through the process, the need for a
designer won’t be necessary! Shannon, and all of our Retail Sales/Design Consultants, are constantly studying the industry, looking for trends and ways to make the floor selection process a breeze. “I spend a lot of time listening and taking notes on the products and designs my clients are most interested in pursuing. Also, the manufacturers we work with will send salespeople in once per week to keep us updated on new products and trending designs.”

Sure, new floors are awesome. But how will my wallet take the news?

Typically, clients can find the same types of flooring across multiple manufacturers working with City Tile, all at different price points. So, if a client comes in and finds something they really like but they’re a little turned off by the price, Shannon is there to help redirect them to a similar, but less expensive product.

Because Shannon is totally dedicated to ensuring that her clients get exactly what they want, she can also help them figure out where they can save money so they can still get their dream flooring.

“When you truly fall in love with a floor, that product can become the only thing you’ll even consider having in your home. So, if price is an issue and the client doesn’t want to find an alternative product, I will go through their project with them to figure out where they can save. Sometimes that can mean tearing up their old floors on their own, or even selecting less expensive cabinets or backsplashes. Whatever it is, I will do all I can to make sure they get the floor they’re in love with into their home.”

When it comes to interior design, Shannon knows exactly what she’s looking for.

“I’m geared towards a light, clean open concept with lots of neutral and natural colors to act as a canvas for interior design. I love keeping my primary colors more neutral and then adding splashes of bright, secondary colors. That way, I can change up my space depending on my current taste or even the season.”

Okay, enough about flooring. Let’s get to know SHANNON!

Shannon is definitely a work-hard, play-hard type of gal. When she’s not delivering a superb customer experience, you can probably find her with her husband and kids working out on their property.

A country girl through and through, Shannon loves being on her family’s land, doing outdoor projects and spending time in nature. But it’s not all hard work. These weekends on the property are also a time for some good family bonding (fur babies included) to get out of the city for a refreshing country picnic.

One last question, Shannon: Can we come out to the property?!

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