You have a Pinterest board filled with inspiration. You’ve scrolled through Instagram to identify your unique style. You’ve called your best friend, your sister, your mom. You have a budget set aside to make it all happen.

You have a renovation dream.

And we have a flooring counselor to walk you through the process. Meet Kevin Miller, Retail/ Commercial Sales Consultant and flooring guru.

With twenty-five years in the flooring industry, Kevin knows all the right questions to ask. He’s fully equipped to calmly walk you through the process — and alleviate any stressors along the way.

Born in Kansas, with childhood roots in Colorado and California, this West Coast native made his way to the Southeast with his family in 1968 (and he hasn’t stopped saying “y’all” since). Fortunately for us, some five years ago, Kevin’s path led him through our front door — and we couldn’t be happier that he joined the City Tile family.

FUN FACT: Kevin and his family moved to Nashville to follow his father’s music career. His dad played bass for Opry artists, including Jimmy Dickens and Stonewall Jackson.

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It’s more than a business — it’s a chance to develop relationships.

Talking with Kevin is simple. From the get-go, you’ll feel right at home — and he’ll even make you laugh a little, too. And as we all know, feeling comfortable is a key ingredient when it comes to selecting products for your home.

When asked what he likes most about working with City Tile clients, Kevin says with a chuckle, “This job fits me really well. I just love talking to people and having personal interactions.”

No stress, no stress, no stress. Kevin is cool as a cucumber.

Everyone loves to talk about the beautiful outcome of a home renovation. They’ll show you pictures and invite you over to see the new space.

But oftentimes, they fail to mention that, while spending time and money making a semi-permanent decision, things can become a little hectic.

That’s where Kevin comes in.

He’s an absolute pro at mediating stress levels and helping you feel relaxed. With a joke and a smile, he’ll bring you back down to Earth, and remind you that you have nothing to fear.

Experience talks. Kevin listens.

With twenty-five years in flooring, Kevin knows a thing or two about what a client will need the most help with.

More often than not, clients look to Kevin as a source of expertise; someone who can show them the ropes and ask the questions they might not have considered.

Kevin spends time getting to know his clients, asking questions about their lifestyles and renovation goals. Based on their answers, he helps them select the perfect products to fit their unique needs.

More than a flooring expert. He’s got a Harley, too!

When Kevin isn’t guiding clients through the flooring process, he’s living it up in his free time. Following in his father’s footsteps, Kevin also plays guitar and sings. (Catch him live with his church band every Sunday!)

If it’s not music, it’s cruising down a backroad on his Harley Davidson (his empty-nester gift to himself), hanging out with his dog Huckleberry, or growing fresh herbs and veggies in his backyard garden.

We also heard a little rumor that Kevin loves using those fresh herbs to make one heck of a pesto sauce. We’ll wait patiently for him to bring us a jar or two (or ten).

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