Having the old staircase debacle? Trust us — it’s more common than you’d think.

Both hardwood and carpet each have their own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. But ultimately, your decision will likely come down to personal preference, budget, and lifestyle.

Let’s dive into the pros and cons and find out what’s right for you.

Carpet Stairs

The Pros:

Oh, so comfy: Carpet is soft and cushioned, which is especially ideal for homes with young children or elderly residents.

Safety first: Carpet is slip-proof and offers a softer landing in the incident of a hard fall.

Quiet as a mouse: Carpet has excellent sound-dampening qualities, helping to reduce noise in your home as you walk up and down the stairs.

Totally stylish: Carpet comes in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures. So you can customize your look down to a tee.

The Woah’s:

Carpet flooring comes with a high potential for stains and odors, which leaves it prone to regular cleaning and professional maintenance.

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Wood Stairs

The Pros:

Downright durable: Hardwood is strong and sturdy — with the proper maintenance, it can withstand heavy traffic for many years.

Minimal maintenance: Hardwood is much easier to clean and maintain. A regular sweet and occasional mop keeps it in check.

Classy and elegant: Hardwood will always maintain that timeless and classic look that complements a wide range of home styles.

Talk about that resale: Hardwood in any part of your home will always increase your resale value and act as a huge selling point for potential buyers.

The Woah’s:

Hardwood stairs have a high potential for scratches and dents. Plus, there’s a much higher risk of slips and falls, especially after a spill or polish.

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