5 Tips for Creating a Halloween Home to Last All Year

5 Tips for Creating a Halloween Home to Last All Year

Last year in October I shared some ideas for how to turn your hum-drum home into a gothic ode to haunted chic. But not everyone wants to live in the ultimate house of horror. I understand that most of you just want to have a few reminders of your favorite holiday to keep you energized throughout the rest of the year. So here are five more subtle ideas to keep all you Creepy Divas (CDs) happy.

  1. Instead of traditional beige or ultra modern grey walls with white trim, paint your walls white and paint trim black. Add black wood or tile floors. This example comes from houzz.com.

  2. Use orange and brown as your accent colors. You will definitely be making a statement, as I can’t say that we’ve seen much of those colors since the 1970s. But then they might come back into vogue, after all macramé is hot again.

  3. Add some Steampunk accessories to your home. A clock made of old gears, maps on the walls, or a leather-trimmed trunk as a coffee table are good places to start. They add a Victorian vibe without going full-Goth. This shot is from Restoration Hardware.

  4. Use stone-look tiles on the wall to give your room, or rooms, that “I live in a castle” look. City Tile has a great assortment of these tiles, from faux brick to grey flagstones that just ache to turn your home into a fortress fit for a Frankenstein or Dracula. Photo via Party Fetti

  5. Bring on the blood. Or at least a blood red carpet as your statement piece. Design begins with floors, and red carpets say that you are ready for the night of the living dead all year around. Homestratsophere.com shows how to pull it off with panache.

More than anything else my CDs, have fun creating the home of your dreams where you can snuggle up with the newest Stephen King novel and have yourself a good scare.